Why should your Business use Superfast Broadband?

You’ll have seen the stickers and new connection boxes popping up all over the county, heard the name Superfast Cymru, visited the website or you may have even clicked to find out more information.

But how does it help to improve your business and help you grow?

 We’ve worked with a number of local businesses from across the county and from a number of different sectors to showcase practical examples of what technology and Superfast broadband can do for your business.

Over the next few weeks we’ll release a series of video clips each telling their own story of what this increased connection speed has done for them and how they are using technology to promote and run their businesses.

Through the use of fibre optics your data is travelling faster than it would on the normal copper pipes and reaching its intended destination faster and more efficiently.

This type of broadband will allow you to download and upload large files and images and provide faster communications with customers, suppliers and employees. It can make your day to day manual tasks of logging and recording data much more efficient and cost effective.

It’s not just for gamers and their online connections it’s a way of working that will free you to work wherever, whenever.

From cloud computing and video conferencing to marketing communications and stock control the possibilities are endless. Using these types of online technologies will allow you to run your business more efficiently, save you money and increase your profits.

Free Advice and Support for businesses is available from Business Wales.

Superfast Cymru will tell you when and where is connected and possible speeds available for your business.

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