Superfast Business Wales

Welsh Governments Superfast Exploitation Champions from all 6 North Wales local authorities met last week to discuss the new contract and its roll out.

Peninsula Enterprises Ltd have been awarded the contract to deliver the Superfast Business Wales programme, which is very exciting as they have a wealth of knowledge and experience, having worked on Superfast Cornwall and Connecting Cheshire Superfast Business.

Superfast Business Wales went live on 4th January and advisors are ready to take your calls and enquiries. With a full programme of workshops and 1-2-1 support to follow shortly.   Take a look at the website below where you can use the savings calculator and toolkit to measure the benefits your business could gain and read the guide ‘Are you prepared for the arrival of Superfast Broadband’.

SBW screenshot

See how Denbighshire companies are already benefitting from SFBB and using the technology in their business.

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2 thoughts on “Superfast Business Wales

  1. Dylan says:

    What is the point of the videos and are the people of Denbighshire considered to be too stupid understand what the Internet does?

    • The video clips have two purposes the first being that we wanted to highlight the use of Superfast Broadband and its benefits within business. The other is to showcase the various types of businesses within Denbighshire and how they are using technology daily to improve their productivity and services.

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